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  • 23 Aug 2022 11:28 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    A Springfield man opens a restaurant in Chatham so he will have a place to exhibit his enormous collection of Illinois breweriana.

  • 12 Jun 2022 8:04 AM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    Hello Fellow NABA Members!

    There has never been a better time to be a NABA member. That’s a pretty bold statement to make for an organization that’s 50 years old. But it’s absolutely true. Here are some reasons why:

    Biggest membership numbers: Consider that NABA now has more members than at its previous peak in the early 1990s, when we were the beneficiary of the beer can collecting boom of the late 1970s and early 1980s. NABA is growing at an unprecedented pace thanks to the work of our members, local chapter partnerships, social media, and organization leadership.

    Expanded magazine: We went from 48 pages per issue just a few years ago to varying from 64-80 pages. Every edition of this magazine has more than 100 members participating in its publication!

    Largest convention attendance: We set a record last year for our 50th convention in Milwaukee and hotel bookings for this year in Pittsburgh are 50% above last year! The Pittsburgh convention has some amazing programming—there’s still time for you to register.

    More local chapter affiliations: We now have 48 local chapter affiliates—more than twice as many as we had 5 years ago. The strength of our hobby is at the grassroots level and NABA is happy to help promote our chapters and their events.

    Outstanding leadership team: I have the privilege of working with a truly dedicated and talented team that we’ve steadily assembled to drive NABA forward. This includes our Board members, Membership Committee, and magazine staff. Check out the names of this terrific group of people on page 1 of this issue. They are truly some of the finest people to work with on behalf of our club and hobby.

    Strategic partnerships: This magazine has covered the news about our partnership with The Mill/Cone Top Brewery Museum, an incredible project in development in Vicksburg, MI. Our association with Cone Top will provide NABA with tremendous exposure and gives our members an opportunity to curate displays in a state-of-the-art museum—at no cost to our organization—when this amazing facility opens in 2026.

    We are in the second year of our successful partnership with Morean Auctions, a leading breweriana auction company, to host our convention auction and reinvigorate it to the premier level it once enjoyed before the days of the Internet. This is NABA’s most important source of operating funds and allows us to do all the things mentioned above—without raising dues!

    NABA also has sponsored the Trayman2.0 brewery tray capture project, which will provide a website of all known North American trays and will be packed with information—and available to all collectors at no cost.

    And stay tuned…we are on the verge of announcing another major partnership that will hugely broaden NABA’s exposure, build membership, and offer our members an additional opportunity to create exhibits and displays of their breweriana.

    Has there ever been a better time to be a NABA member? We don’t think so. And we are glad to have you as a member and grateful for your involvement and support!

    See you in Pittsburgh!

  • 13 May 2022 9:49 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    The NABA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Charlie Smith has been unanimously elected to the Board and will take leadership of NABA’s Membership Committee. A past president of the BCCA, Charlie is well known and highly regarded within our collecting community as an outstanding hobbyist.

    Charlie, of Harrisburg, PA, is a longtime collector. During his tenure as an officer and president of the BCCA, collaborated on a number of joint marketing and informational initiatives with NABA to the benefit of the hobby overall.

    Please join us in congratulating Charlie on his addition to the NABA Board. We are honored and fortunate to have him join our outstanding team!

  • 03 May 2022 6:30 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    Hello Fellow NABA Members!

    I’ve been a NABA member for more than 40 years, and one of the biggest benefits of being a part of NABA is attending our wonderful conventions and meeting so many terrific people from across the country. One of those great people is Reino Ojala, who has attended 50 straight conventions, and I hope he will be at his 51st in Pittsburgh from Aug 2-6. Unlike Rei, I have not made it to the convention every year. Sometimes other things in life got in the way.

    That may be true of you, too. But I hope it’s not the case this year, because we’ve got such a great agenda planned for you in Pittsburgh! There is a packed itinerary full of new and interesting events like The Back Bar and Speakeasy, as well as the popular traditional ones, like the Bus Tour and Brewmaster’s Dinner. Please read all about it in this issue on pages 8-10.

    And how about that NABA convention hallmark—room-to-room trading? There will be plenty of that, especially as we already have record room bookings, exceeding last year’s 50th convention in Milwaukee, our previous all-time high.

    But wait, there’s more! Co-packed with this issue of the magazine is your registration and merchandise ordering form. If you register for the convention by May 31 (must be postmarked by then), you will receive a custom-made, limited run tin-over-cardboard sign absolutely FREE!

    NABA Convention Auction: Please support our annual auction where your items will have the same worldwide sales audience enjoyed by Morean Auctions, our partner again this year. Proceeds from this auction go to NABA’s operating funds, which enable us to avoid raising dues or the convention registration fee, despite dealing with inflation. See details on the next page for consigning.

    NABA Leadership: As NABA grows in membership and regional expansion, so does its membership committee. We are excited to add Jared Sanchez of Oshkosh, WI to this outstanding team.

    This magazine: Thank you to all who contributed to our seventh 80-pager in a row. And welcome to our new Associate Editor, Doug Hoverson of Minneapolis, MN.

  • 31 Mar 2022 4:40 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    Our artwork for the 2022 Convention sign is complete. We took the iconic Fort Pitt "Running Waiter" and tweaked it by having him serve up the iconic Running Waiter and Fort Pitt Ale cans! This will be an 8" square TOC sign, with beveled edges and embossed waiter. The best news of all, is that this sign will be free to all NABA members that register for the convention by May 31st! The free offer does not apply to guest registrations. If you register beyond May 31st, the sign will cost $15. If any signs remain, you may purchase one for $20, plus shipping if applicable. This is a limited run and when they're gone, they're gone. Registration will open up soon, so keep an eye on this page and your inbox.

  • 28 Mar 2022 5:20 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    NABA is collaborating with Pittsburgh's preeminent craft brewer, Dancing Gnome, on a special beer for our 51st Convention. NABA's Creative Director, Barry Travis, designed a label that was based on a Fort Pitt brand from the 1930's & Dancing Gnome's current label. 4-packs of the 16oz cans will be available at the convention.

  • 16 Jan 2022 8:34 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    NABA has created two new membership ads for use in our chapters’ newsletters. One is in standard full-page size and one is a half-page. Please feel free to download them for use in your local chapter newsletter!

    NABA Half Page.pdf

    NABA Full Page.pdf

  • 24 Dec 2021 10:11 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    Your NABA Board of Directors would like to wish our members and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    2021 was a very momentous year for our organization:

    • We had record membership growth and now have 1200 members across 44 states, equaling our highest membership levels since the late 1990s. Our Membership Committee has done an outstanding job, with representation from coast to coast.

    • We celebrated our 50th Convention in Milwaukee with a record attendance. Our next Convention in Pittsburgh from August 2-6, 2022, already has more total room reservations than Milwaukee finished with, so attendance will shatter the Milwaukee record. And we have some exciting new events, including a Speakeasy featuring classic cocktails and a live jazz pianist, and member John Bain’s famed “The Back Bar” display and contest of lighted back bar signs.

    • We produced five consecutive 80-page issues of the Breweriana Collector magazine in celebration of our 50th Convention.

    • We introduced a promotional video about our club to help attract new members.

    • We formed an exciting partnership with member Chris Moore’s “The Mill”, a multi-function $100-million entertainment complex under construction in Vicksburg, Michigan. This massive facility will include a brewery, distillery and The Cone Top Brewery Museum, with 16,000 square feet devoted to breweriana, which NABA members can help populate and curate with ongoing rotations of their collections. The museum will provide tremendous public exposure for NABA.

    • We created a partnership with members Mark Rogers and Peter Bayer to help them build a visual, online database, “Trayman2.0,” that has the mission of providing a record of every beer tray ever produced in the Americas.

    • We have continually revamped and updated our own website at, thanks to the efforts of our great webmaster, Dan Bora. Check it out and log in as a member to see all that it has to offer – and there’s even more in development that will be exclusive to NABA members.

    There is much more in store in 2022 for NABA, and it is all made possible by you, our loyal and generous members. We are grateful for your on-going support for our club, magazine and events, and sincerely wish you a happy and healthy 2022!

  • 29 Nov 2021 9:50 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

    Hello Fellow NABA Members:

    This is my first column as your newly elected NABA president. It is truly an honor for me to lead this great organization and follow in the footsteps of past presidents and valued friends, John Ferguson, George Baley, Larry Moter, and the late Norm Jay.

    It also is an honor to serve with the terrific group of people we have on our NABA Board and Membership Committee. Check out their names on the list of the first page of this magazine. One look at that list and you will see some of the absolute best people in the world of breweriana. They all are really nice people and great hobbyists who are volunteering their time and talents and working hard for NABA and you.

    This first column as president is the only time that I will talk about me. Even though I am lucky enough to know hundreds of you, I don’t know you all, and appreciate the opportunity to briefly introduce myself.

    I joined NABA at the age of 20 and have been a member for decades. I started collecting as a teenager in the 1970s. A modest beer can collection grew into a fascination with breweriana. This might sound a lot like your story.

    I grew up in northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City and lived in Manhattan for many years. I’ve always been fascinated with “The Big Apple.” That’s why I collect New York City breweriana.

    When my wife and I became empty nesters after our three children went off to college, I had more time to devote to “the hobby.” I always enjoyed NABA and its magazine, so I felt like I needed to give back. I like to write and I did a lot of it in my career. I have a background in journalism and am an ex-advertising exec. for 20 years, I have had my own marketing research and communications consulting business.

    My business career seemed to be a good fit with things I might do for NABA. First, I got involved writing for this magazine. Then I became a Board member. This led to becoming vice president and when Lee Chichester retired, I also assumed the role of editorial director of the magazine. Now I’m president. And this all happened in the span of 7 years.

    I tell you this story because you can have a similar story, or you can write your own chapter with NABA. We encourage member participation and welcome your help. I may be president, but it takes dozens of people to run NABA, this magazine, our projects, and our conventions.

    The volunteerism in our organization is tremendous, but we still need you. As you’ll read in these pages, we have a dynamic organization with many ground breaking projects and partnerships in the works. My dad always said, “Many hands make light work,” and that has become a credo of mine.

    There were many hands—more than 100 pair, actually—that contributed to the creation of this issue of the magazine. Many hands are the reason that NABA has grown its membership by +77% in the past five years. Many hands are why NABA has been able to increase the size of this magazine from 48 to 64 pages during recent years and for the past five issues, even produced “bonus-sized” 80-page issues. Many hands are what made our 50th convention in Milwaukee this summer a spectacular event, attended by more people—by far—than any previous NABA convention.

    The more I have gotten involved with NABA, the more rewarding it has been for me. That sounds like a cliché, but it is true. The rich friendships and quality mentoring that have come through my involvement with NABA never ceases to amaze me.

    Thank you for being a member of NABA. I hope that you will think about becoming one of the “many hands” that help guide NABA into the future.

    If you have a story idea for this magazine, we make producing it easy. If you have an interest in helping NABA in any capacity, please contact me at I know you will be glad you did.

    Happy collecting!

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