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Convention 52 Video - The Beer Collector

16 Aug 2023 6:52 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

Highlights of the 52nd Annual National Association Breweriana Advertising (NABA) Convention in Schaumburg, Illinois (Chicago Area) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel from August 1st through August 5th, 2023. This Beer Show had many breweriana collectibles that you wouldn’t be able to find at a Flea Market or Garage Sale for your rec room, garage bar, man cave or tavern. Amazing Beer history that had Historic Brewery Antiques, Beer Signs, Beer Cans, Beer Bottles, other Breweriana Collectibles, and Old Advertising through Motion Beer Signs, Beer Lights, Neon Signs, Beer Trays, and more. Major Brands included Heileman’s Old Style, Budweiser, Bud Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz, Miller High Life, Leinenkugels, Blatz, Meister Brau, Strohs and so much more. Don't forget to Subscribe, Like, and Share. This shows me that you want to see more videos, so I will continue to put in the effort. Links Follow "The Beer Collector" Facebook Page for additional content. Share the “The Beer Collector” YouTube Channel    / @thebeercollector  

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