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Managing My Profile Page

The Membership Profile module is a very powerful feature of the website.  Here you can manage any and all information about yourself, your family, personal collecting interests and even show off to other members images of your collection.

The nice thing about the system is that you personally control the information.  When something changes with respect to you, i.e. address, phone, added collecting area, you can immediately update your profile.  If your email address changes, you can update it yourself and not wait for us to manage the change.

Let's see what is in the profile.

Qucik Summary

Most of the stuff in the box on the right is fairly straight forward and is the same as the printed Membership Directory except for Family Members, collecting interests, expiration date and member since. 

The information is what members (only members can access this information) see when going conducting a search.  This is called My Directory Profile.

You will notice that just below your name is a listing of everything you indicated were Collecting Interests.  This is a quick way to let others know what your interests are.  At the bottom is a handy reminder of when your membership expires.  Might be a good time to renew if you are getting close to expiration.

Each time you (or us) update your Profile, the date changes.  We are working on inputting the date when you first joined NABA as a reference to how long you have been a member.  Due to computer limitations all dates will begin with first day of the month you join.   Currently we have used 1 January 1900 for everyone until the database can be updated.

Your personal Profile page also shows your Membership Level or Category.  Most members are Category A for US Memberships, but many have elected the Category B and became Family Memberships.  For just $5 extra a year, everyone in your immediate family becomes a member of NABA.  Benefits include full voting privileges, member style name tags and the knowledge that we look upon everyone in the primary members family as part of NABA.  Other organizations may choose to charge each and every family member a fee.....not NABA.

If you choose a B. Family Membership, the member will fill out their information and then add one or more family members by using the box Add Member.  The Family member has all the rights of a regular member except they will not receive any paper documents (Breweriana Collector), can vote in all elections, but cannot hold an elective office.

Family members, like regular members have their own personal Profile Page.  On that page, they can maintain their own information and can manage their own personal Photo Gallery.


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