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PBS Presents: Legacy List - Seidel Family (Episode 5)

19 Feb 2020 7:37 PM | Danny Bora (Administrator)

Episode 105 — Seidel Family / Norristown, PA

When Steve Seidel Senior of Norristown, Pennsylvania passed away recently he left his two adult children a 300-year-old farmhouse full of beer memorabilia and countless other pop culture items. The task of cleaning out the house and barn before selling the property was overwhelming and the kids turned to Matt and his team for help. Not only did Matt need to do an inventory of all the items in the house but he had to find a handful of cherished memorabilia that the children, Becky and Steve Jr. wanted to keep to remind them of their dad. Matt’s strategy was to divide and conquer. He searched the barn with Avi while Jaimie and Mike go through a house jammed from floor ceiling with beer collectables. There were cans, trays, bottles, posters and more. In fact, there were so many items that Matt decided to bring in some beer experts to go through everything and put a price tag on the collection. The experts found some rare items that will bring top dollar. That makes Matt happy because he knows Becky and Steve Jr. want to use some of the money they get from selling the house and everything in it to provide for their two younger half-brothers. Besides beer memorabilia, Matt and his team finds lots of other interesting things. A collection of political campaign pins, an old barber chair, a classic Corvette and something none of them had ever seen before. A bazooka. Seems that Steve Sr. was a wild man who collected lots of really cool stuff. With the house cleared out and the moving vans packed, Matt shows Becky and Steve the Legacy List items he’s found. It’s an emotional moment. The house may be sold but the kids now have a few cherished items that will remind them of their dad.

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