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  • 29 Nov 2018 5:23 PM | Daniel Bora (Administrator)

    There are many great things happening at NABA to both help our organization grow and make it even more valuable to our members. Here are a few key examples:

    •  Expanded magazine: The winter issue of the magazine will be a bit thicker. That’s right, we’ve expanded from 48 to 56 pages and plan to soon expand again to 64 pages.  That means there will be more breweriana news, stories, profiles of our members and pictures of breweriana for you to enjoy!
    •  New Chapters: We are delighted to have added four new local chapters to our roster!  A warm welcome to all the members of the newly-formed Old Reading chapter of Reading, PA, as well as the Olde Frothingslosh chapter of Pittsburgh, the Congress chapter of Syracuse, NY and New England’s Pickwick chapter. As with all our chapters, we will promote them in the pages of this magazine, on our new website, on our Facebook page and through email “blasts” about their various shows and events. Want your event promoted?  Just reach out to Executive Secretary John Stanley at JFO
    • New Website: Please enjoy our beautiful, newly-reconstructed website. It’s packed with information on NABA and its events and is designed to provide greater value to our members. Many thanks to our terrific new webmaster, Dan Bora!
    • New NABA brochures: We have created a new membership brochure that extols the virtues of NABA and includes an application for membership. Do you need some to distribute at shows, craft beer bars, breweries or among your chapter members? If so, just contact John Stanley, per his email address above.
    • Exciting Convention Plans: Our meeting in Madison last summer was such a success…but we are looking to top it in Cincinnati from July 31 – Aug 3!  Beer Dave Gausepohl is chairing the convention and along with the help of the excellent Queen City chapter members is sure to put on an outstanding event!  Book your room online here on this website (see Convention tab) or call the Cincinnati Airport Marriott directly at 859-586-0166 and be sure to get the special NABA room rate of $99 (with free parking and Wi-Fi). 

  • 28 Nov 2018 6:29 PM | George J Baley (Administrator)
    Finally progress is well under way to generate updates of both title books.  
    Anyone having something to include is welcome to send me a note and participate in the project. 

    Madison brought out several hundred items to photograph.   Correspondence is flowing from interested collectors.  

    I plan to set up the stage for photographing anything that you might bring to the Convention in Cincinnati (KY) which will about finish the project(s).

    George Baley
  • 22 Nov 2018 8:31 PM | Daniel Bora (Administrator)

    Hi Folks,

    I'm Dan Bora, the new webmaster dude. Some of you know me , some don'

    I've been running the Rusty Bunch Website for over 20 years, also run BCCA, Michigan Chapter, Buckeye Chapter and Eastern Great Lakes Brewery Collectibles Show pages.  Been Collecting since 1975, mostly Beer Cans but have a few Goebel pieces displayed. 

    I'm looking forward to helping in the NABA website rebuild and I think it's looking pretty darn good so far. Any questions or comments, feel free to comment below. (gotta be logged in to post)

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