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NABA proudly announces a dynamic new partnership with Morean Auctions that will provide greater reach, quality, and vitality to our annual convention auction. On July 30th, our auction will for the first time be opened beyond just the convention audience to include a much larger audience via the Internet.

A revitalized auction

Why change the auction format after all these years? Quite simply, because this will allow for higher quality pieces to reach a greater bidding audience to help boost selling prices. Members should be aware that proceeds from the auction are relied upon to provide NABA with important operating funds.

This is critical as our costs have increased as we’ve moved from a 48 to a 64-page (and more) magazine and postage costs have increased. We do not want to raise dues and we do not want to raise convention registration fees, which have been unchanged for more than 20 years. We even lowered the registration price for spouses, by popular request.

In past years, auction consignments had a minimum $50 value. The NABA Board unanimously agreed that for the good of both the auction and the organization, the auction needed to be revamped to improve the quality of its offerings. The board also felt that Morean Auctions would be an ideal partner for NABA since they are well-known and established in our hobby and an ideal partner for NABA.

Convention attendees receive discounted buyer’s fee

The auction will be held both as an in-person and online event. As before, NABA members who are paid convention registrants can be present for the live auction. They also will receive a discount on buyers’ fees (10% if paid by cash or check and 13% if credit card), versus 14%/17% for online buyers.

The seller fee for all items will be 15%.  NABA is now accepting individual submissions for the auction, which must have a minimum estimated value of $250. Dan Morean will be the arbiter of estimated values and there are a limited number of consignments that will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Consign now!

Please send any photos of merchandise you would like to enter to auction chair Lisa Allen, at  Auction items will need to be photographed by mid-May so we can upload them to the auction site for viewing in advance of the Convention.

The auction and its featured items will be extensively promoted over the next three months by both NABA and Morean Auctions. If attending the Blue/Gray show, we will be collecting/photographing pieces at the show.

Auction Guidelines  

  •   BIDDERS AND CONSIGNERS: The NABA Convention Auction, held on the Friday of the Convention week, has partnered with Morean Auctions and will use In-Person (Live) and Online formats.
  •  IN-PERSON BIDDERS will be limited to NABA paid Convention registrants. Convention badge is required as proof of registration to preview and/or bid. 
  •  BIDDER AUCTION NUMBERS:  Bidder Auction numbers are issued to all convention registrants and provided with your registration package, which is picked up in the Hospitality Room upon arrival at the hotel.
  • ACCEPTABLE LOTS: NABA members may offer a maximum of 5 brewery related consignment lots, provided each item/ lot has a minimum value of $250 as determined by Dan Morean. No reproductions or restored items will be accepted.
  • vRESERVES: NABA and Morean Auctions will promote your items extensively. Reserves are strongly discouraged, must be approved in advance of acceptance, and are subject to a 10% of reserve fee if lot does not sell.
  • SELLER COMMISSION:  NABA’s seller commission is 15% of the final sales price. A NABA member need not attend the Convention to consign items, although preference will be given to NABA convention registrants.
  • NABA CONVENTION REGISTRANTS IN HOUSE BUYER PREMIUMS: 10% for cash or check and 13% for CC.
  • ONLINE BUYER PREMIUMS: 14% for fee-free method w/in 7 days and 17% for CC. Online bidding is open to anyone.
  • PURCHASED ITEMS:  For those Convention registrants attending in person, payment must be made immediately by cash, check, or CC. Merchandise receipt then must be shown to auction crew to pick up purchased items.
  • PHONE BIDDING:  Contact Dan Morean if you would like to arrange phone bidding.
  • SOLD ITEMS: successful Convention Registrant sellers will receive a check for the hammer price minus the seller commission by the following day (Saturday after the Friday Auction). Checks for the hammer price minus the seller commission will be mailed to Non-Convention Registrant sellers within 14 days of bidder payment.
  • ITEM SUBMISSIONS & DROP OFF:  All items must be consigned by June 18. Photos or original items themselves must be received by that date. Arrangements for item drop off can be made via the Auction Committee members below. The deadline for drop off at Convention is no later than 10am Thursday, July 29, with arrangements made in advance by contacting the Auction Committee. No new items will be accepted after 10am on July 29.
  • PREVIEW: Preview times for in person attendees will be announced prior to the Convention and in registration packets.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS:  All items must be accepted and photographed prior to June 18 to guarantee on-line listing.
  • SHIPPING: Purchased lots not picked up at live auction event will be shipped through Dan Morean Auctions. You will be provided with an invoice to include shipping costs and the item will ship once fully paid.
  • AUCTION ITEMS SIZE: Dan Morean will determine if oversized item will be accepted due to shipping issues.
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: the auction terms/conditions that will be posted at for this auction contain the prevailing terms. For more info, inquire with Dan Morean at  

Photograph Instructions for the NABA/Morean Auction

  • Take digital photos against a plain white background. Smartphone photos, when taken properly, are usually fine.
  • Take clear pictures that are head on and well-lit and to try to avoid glare.
  • Take enough photos to show condition all around. For cans, usually six photos.  Items like trays, one of front and one of back is fine. 
  • Photograph manufacturer’s tag if present.
  • Leave some space around subject being photographed to enable square cropping.
  • Use bright lighting. Bulbs from left angle, right angle, and above if possible. Outdoor natural lighting is also fine, remembering to use a plain white background. 
  • Photos should be at least 1200 pixels or more.
  • Submit the following descriptive information about the breweriana with your photos:
  • -      Beer brand, brewery, city and state
  • -      Measurements (size in inches or feet, width X height
  • -      Type of material (e.g., neon on porcelain, embossed tin, tin over cardboard, reverse glass lighted sign)
  • -      Approximate date of manufacture (e.g., “late 1940s”)
  • -      Example: Atlas Prager Beer, Atlas Prager Brewing Co., Chicago, IL. Art-deco illuminated advertising clock, 24 X 20 inches. Features a reverse-painted glass ad panel with silvered accents. Glass is framed by a painted metal base and cabinet with metal trim. Manufactured c.1938 by Crystal Manufacturing. Co., Chicago, IL.

All items must be consigned by June 18. Photos or original items themselves must be received by that date. Arrangements for item drop off can be made via the Auction Committee members below. The deadline for drop off at Convention is no later than 10am, Thursday, July 29, with arrangements made in advance by contacting the Auction Committee.

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